AWG firefighting equipment

AWG Firefighting Equipment is one of our most trusted fire equipment brands for pump accessories, distribution appliances, nozzles and foam equipment.

  • AWG firefighting equipment

    An overview on AWG Firefighting Equipment

    The AWG firefighting equipment is very specialised and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional firefighting fittings and firefighting equipment, founded more than 100 years ago. AWG provides end-to-end solutions for mobile and stationary fire prevention systems. Their standard of quality excellence is consistent with every order.

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    AWG Monitors

    It is simple to handle, can be carried easily by a single person and takes just moments to set up, you will be ready for operations faster than ever before.

  • Dividers_collectors_AWG

    Dividers And Collectors

    Dividers are used for distributing the extinguishing medium from one feed line over several hose lines, or in special cases for collecting it in the reverse direction. Each hose line can be shut off individually by means of a stop valve.

  • FoamMakingEquipment_AWG

    Foam Making Equipment

    The foam inductors are designed to feed foam concentrates at a set mixing rate into the hose line. Inductors are placed in the delivery line between the pump and the foam nozzle and can be used for medium- and also for heavy foam nozzles.

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    Miscellaneous AWG Products

    Every AWG product is designed to provide years of service and exceed the stringent demands of the firefighting industry.